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Triumph of the Spirit


"I believe very strongly that this is a very important event in our history. This history should be made part of all Deaf studies. This Deaf history should be taught in all schools for the deaf. Not just schools for the deaf but all mainstream programs too, from kindergarten up to graduate programs at colleges and universities. Not only that, it should be part of adult education programs because many Deaf adults need that too."

Dr. Allen Sussman
Retired Gallaudet University professor


"Why does America celebrate July 4th? Independence Day, the day when Americans succeeded in their dream for freedom from the British oppressors. Our own independence day is represented by DPN, the day that we got our freedom from the Gallaudet oppressors. DPN reminds us where we came from, it reminds us we can make a change, it reminds us that we can dream and make our dreams come true."

Tim Rarus
DPN student leader


"DPN changed many things but most importantly it affected the self-esteem of Deaf people and the ability for us to decide our destinies. After DPN you saw Deaf people rising in their jobs and given new opportunities."

Phil Bravin
Chairman, Gallaudet Board of Trustees


"DPN was perhaps the most significant historical event of our time. As an event that changed our history, it remains unique. . . . We now have a generation of Deaf people who have no firsthand memory of DPN. This underscores the importance of maintaining our history, keeping it fresh and vivid, teaching, celebrating, and sharing it."

Matthew Moore
Publisher, Deaf Life Magazine

The Deaf President Now (DPN) movement captured the world's attention and forever changed how the hearing world perceives Deaf people. Now, you too can be part of history as Dr. Ramos brings you into the students' world and lets you experience their struggles, heartaches, personal sacrifices, and thrill of victory. This is truly an inspirational book that will inspire hearing and Deaf people alike.


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